amm Photography: Blog en-us (C) amm Photography (amm Photography) Tue, 03 Feb 2015 11:18:00 GMT Tue, 03 Feb 2015 11:18:00 GMT amm Photography: Blog 120 80 Cameron & Lincoln {joy} The most handsome nephews one could have--Cameron at three years old and full of such personality, and Lincoln at six months old and the happiest and most content baby ever! I love how these photos capture their little personalities and quirks (including Cameron cleaning not only his own toes but Lincoln's too) :)

This series of photos still makes me laugh...and see what I mean about Lincoln being the most content baby ever?! Takes it all in stride...

Yes, an elephant's trunk can always make a good microphone :)


Love the bow tie and suspenders that Lincoln is wearing! Check out Scarlett Claire for much much more of these adorable baby accessories!

Getting ready for a little Valentine's Day party...

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Mikaela & Steve {awaiting} I always love the smiles and fun that little ones add to a session! While this was a snowy maternity session (that the snow did not seem to want to stay around for!), Mikaela and Steve's little guy had to steal the show for at least a few photos :) After all, he is the handsome big brother! Can't wait to meet your little one soon--but not too soon! Enjoy :)

Love love love this candid family moment!

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Carter Jameson {new life} Spent a fun morning with this handsome little man and his mommy--he might have made us work a bit until he decided he was ready to sleep, but I love how this session turned out! He was clearly so content in his mommy's arms, and I love how these images capture that! Jodi and Dale, thank you so much for getting in touch and trusting me with your new little guy!

Love the initial that Jodi suggested incorporating into the shots below!

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Reynolds Extended Family {joy} Spent a very cold morning with this family recently! They all were able to make this date work in their schedules, and we definitely needed an indoor backup location with the recent cold temperatures! I love the character of the building as well as the large windows streaming in the beautiful morning sunlight!

And another grandparents shot for the win... :)


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Peyton Ann {new life} Another precious newborn...I love the combination of candid/lifestyle moments captured here along with the traditional "posed" images! This little lady was just a bit older but she still was willing to sleep early on in the session for us. She may have wanted to take all the excitement in a little later on, but finally gave in again at the very end :) Either way, I love the bond captured between her and her mommy and daddy in these images! Thank you, Adrienne and Jeremy, for trusting me with your most perfect little lady!

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Grayson Craig {new life} Such a handsome little guy and such a loving big sister--these two (as well as mom and dad!) were so much fun to hang out with! Big sister is full of spunk and personality, and she clearly is going to take such good care of little brother! Brittney and Steve, thank you for the privilege of spending the morning with your sweet little family of FOUR and preserving these precious memories for you <3

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Julie & Aaron {awaiting} Spent a (chilly!) morning with the most amazing sunlight with this couple a few weeks ago. This location is amazing--morning or evening the light is just perfect! Julie and Aaron, thank you for asking me to document this special time for you, and I cannot wait to meet your little one in just a few weeks!

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Brown Extended Family {joy} I had such a fun morning with this lovely family! Everyone was in town over Christmas and was even able to coordinate schedules at the last minute to move the session up a day so that we could do this outdoors at this beautiful location (thank you again for your flexibility!). Lots of amazing and wonderful people in the coming photos...

Brothers :)


Grandparents shot--it may have taken a little work but I think it's a winner!

"We love Uncle Travis!"

And Aunt Abbey and Uncle Brad!

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jessica & matthew {devotion} When the evening and location look like this, it has to be a good session! I met Jessica at the hospital (this lovely lady introduced us) and she is such a cheerful person, so full of smiles. And Matthew, well he is one great guy! He and Jessica live two and a half hours apart right now, and he drove that distance the afternoon of the session to meet us in Lancaster for photos. This first location we used for these Jessica had noticed several days before the session and suggested using it in some photos, and I love how they turned out!

Jessica and Matthew, thank you so much for asking me to capture these images for you! You both were so much fun to spend the evening with, and I hope you are as happy with these shots as I am! Enjoy all the wedding planning :)

There is just nothing that compares to the colors and glowing light in the fall! One of my favorites from Jessica and Matthew's session below...

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Gooding Extended Family It's been a little while since I have blogged some recent sessions but this is a good one to start back with! We had a cool October evening full of beautiful sunlight and lots of grandkids :) Meet the Gooding family...

And side note--can you believe how much little Ella has grown since just two months ago?! What a cutie!

One of my favorites below...

Love mom and dad's smiles in the background of this next one!

Large groups certainly require some effort to get everyone looking at the camera, smiling, eyes open, and on and on. However, sometimes I like the shots that aren't "perfect" like the one below; I just love Grandma's smile as she looks down at her grandson :)

We had to get a few smiles out of the handsome little man before we were finished!

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Olivia {senior} I had the privilege of taking senior photos for this sweet gal on a recent beautiful evening. Kind, respectful, confident, some fun-loving spunk in there, and goals for the future--all wrapped up into this lovely lady. Here are some from the evening to enjoy...

Loved this idea...Olivia's mom brought along a photo of her at the age of one to include in a few shots below :)

And then we headed downtown to finish up the evening...

And to end the night, I love that her one request was a photo with mom <3

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do and all the best to you, Olivia! Thank you for asking me to capture these fun moments for you!

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a little catch up {195.365 to 227.365} I'm cheating a little bit on these...rather than an individual daily post since I've gotten a bit behind, I'm going to include them all together. And since it's my own little project for my own enjoyment, I guess I can make up my own rules too :) For the most part, I've been taking some photos of the kids each day or most days, but I just haven't had the time to do an individual post so there is lots of cuteness all at once right here...

Too cute for her own good...

Visiting the new baby birds at great Grandma's house

Miss Independent trying to put her own pj's on after her bath :)

My cherry tomato loving girl! Her brother and I can pick them about as fast as she can eat them :)

Don't we all play in the backyard in mid-July like this? :)

Our first (and unfortunately only) watermelon from the garden this year...

Her hair is getting so long and I'm loving the fun little things we can do with it now :)

Showing me his offering to take to Sunday money and some money from Honduras :)

Handsome big helper getting ready to mow the yard!

Still taking such good care of Monkey :)

Evening at the park feeding the fish...

Love this...he had no idea who this little boy was but offered some bread to him so he could feed the fish too <3

Driving some rc cars given to them...think they enjoy it much? :)

Corn day at Nonni's house! Little lady started snacking on some before we even had a chance to cook it :)

Enjoying a lovely coffee morning together! Yes, they both drink it, and yes, it's decaf :)

Lovely full moon...unfortunately I'm working!

Came back from an early morning run to find this lady taking over the bed...

Writing a thank you card for the rc cars...this was all his idea <3

Thinking about what letter would come next :)

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kristen & shane {awaiting} Kristen and I had met at a get-together through mutual friends last summer. While we were talking, we started to put two and two together and realized that the reason she looked so familiar to me was because I had worked with her older sister (whose adorable family you can view here). When I found out she was expecting and she asked if I would do maternity/newborn photos for them I was more than happy to do so!

We used this lovely little grassy field across the street from their home which is another fun story. I knew the general area that they lived in but not exactly where they were and figured we had plenty of nice places around to use for photos. I saw this field one evening, stopped by the owner's house several days later for permission, and then emailed Kristen to let her know the exact location of the session. When she replied saying that is exactly where their house is, we figured it was meant to be :)

Kristen and Shane, thank you so much for asking me to document these special moments for you! Praying for you in the coming weeks and so excited to meet little Cooper!


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selena {senior} This girl and these photos...I just love how they turned out! Several months ago we had scheduled these photos for an evening last week. Up until the day of, we had absolutely gorgeous weather--the kind of weather that makes me so very excited for fall! And then for the first time this summer, we were completely rained out and had to reschedule. We planned to meet early the following morning but with the forecast still looking rather overcast, we pushed the session back a few hours and I could not be happier with the bright sunlight we had to work with! I think it fits this gal so perfectly, and I am still amazed as I look through these photos how her genuine and kind heart just shines through!

Selena, thank you for allowing me to capture this exciting time for you! It truly was an honor to spend the morning with you and your mom, and I pray the coming year is filled with opportunities for you to share your gentle kindness and joy to those around you! 

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Selena::Sneak Peek This lovely senior...I cannot say enough what a joy she was! Her mom and I had talked several times over the summer coordinating these photos, but I had never met Selena before. The morning we met, she hopped out of the car with such a bright smile and while it might sound cliche, I am absolutely convinced this girl lights up any room with that smile! Enjoy a quick peek at some favorites so far...

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ella reese {new life} Oh my, this little lady...As soon as I was finished, I knew I was going to have way too many favorites from this session. She slept like a champ, allowed me to "pose" her however I wanted, and I am pretty sure I saw her little peepers open a grand total of two times :) Although it sounds like her Mommy and Daddy were seeing them open much more than that the night before...hopefully she has changed that around for you, Kristyn! Here are just some of my favorites from little Ella's newborn session...definitely had to get some of her handsome big brother in here too! Hope you love them, Kristyn and Will! It was an honor to photograph your little family :)

Not only was she possibly my sleepiest newborn ever, she was also my most smiley...

Absolutely LOVED these giant windows streaming in the morning light!

Those blue eyes...

Blowing kisses :)

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zimmerman family {joy} I posted a peek from this extended family session recently, and here are some more images from the evening. We had to squeeze these in before an impending thunderstorm and unfortunately did not have room for rescheduling. Of course the afternoon of the session was absolutely beautiful and I could not wait to shoot at this lovely location. Then as we all pulled into the parking lot, storm clouds made their entrance too. However, we were able to capture these sweet images, and I am so thankful the rain held off until just as we started packing up to leave. Zimmerman family, thank you again for the privilege of documenting your family together! I hope you love them and that they are full of fond memories for you! 

I could photograph these blue eyes all day long :)

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Zimmerman Family::Sneak Peek Here is a quick peek at some favorite images so far from this extended family session last weekend. Melissa and I had been in contact several times over the past couple of months and were able to coordinate a date for these when some out-of-town family was in for a visit. Plenty more to come but here are a few for now...thank you so much, Zimmerman clan, for allowing me to capture these memories for your family <3





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kayla {senior} I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous gal one (warm!) evening last week. We had the most lovely evening sunlight and a perfect location for these photos. Kayla had some ideas in mind for what she wanted to include in her photos, and I always love being able to capture a "personalized" image :)

Kayla, I hope you enjoyed the evening and love these images! Thank you (and Mom and Dad) so much for allowing me to capture this special milestone in your life. Not only did I have lots of fun photographing your sweet self, but I also loved seeing you interact with your parents and the respect that you have for them! Many blessings on the coming year and beyond!

Her momma had requested one with a hat :)

And in case you were wondering, parents are always welcome at senior sessions! You'll have it rough if you join us though ;)

Laughing at her momma...and a favorite candid below!

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charlee jo {new life} Meet little Charlee Jo at seven days old! I could not get over her perfect newborn skin and dainty little girl features. And she is one lucky girl as she has a fun big sister close in age to be her buddy in the coming years! I also had the privilege of photographing her sister as a newborn, at six months, and again at one year here. Chrissy and Joey, thank you so much for again allowing me to hang out with your precious little ladies! I love these special newborn moments documented and hope they are ones that you cherish too <3

Daddy and his girls <3

Not sure what she was even telling him in this next photo but it looks serious!

Love the contrast of tough daddy hands holding his baby girl...

I am thrilled that she gave us a smile in both daddy and mommy's arms (and that we captured it)!

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