a little catch up {195.365 to 227.365}

September 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I'm cheating a little bit on these...rather than an individual daily post since I've gotten a bit behind, I'm going to include them all together. And since it's my own little project for my own enjoyment, I guess I can make up my own rules too :) For the most part, I've been taking some photos of the kids each day or most days, but I just haven't had the time to do an individual post so there is lots of cuteness all at once right here...

Too cute for her own good...

Visiting the new baby birds at great Grandma's house

Miss Independent trying to put her own pj's on after her bath :)

My cherry tomato loving girl! Her brother and I can pick them about as fast as she can eat them :)

Don't we all play in the backyard in mid-July like this? :)

Our first (and unfortunately only) watermelon from the garden this year...

Her hair is getting so long and I'm loving the fun little things we can do with it now :)

Showing me his offering to take to Sunday School...play money and some money from Honduras :)

Handsome big helper getting ready to mow the yard!

Still taking such good care of Monkey :)

Evening at the park feeding the fish...

Love this...he had no idea who this little boy was but offered some bread to him so he could feed the fish too <3

Driving some rc cars given to them...think they enjoy it much? :)

Corn day at Nonni's house! Little lady started snacking on some before we even had a chance to cook it :)

Enjoying a lovely coffee morning together! Yes, they both drink it, and yes, it's decaf :)

Lovely full moon...unfortunately I'm working!

Came back from an early morning run to find this lady taking over the bed...

Writing a thank you card for the rc cars...this was all his idea <3

Thinking about what letter would come next :)


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