kristen & shane {awaiting}

August 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Kristen and I had met at a get-together through mutual friends last summer. While we were talking, we started to put two and two together and realized that the reason she looked so familiar to me was because I had worked with her older sister (whose adorable family you can view here). When I found out she was expecting and she asked if I would do maternity/newborn photos for them I was more than happy to do so!

We used this lovely little grassy field across the street from their home which is another fun story. I knew the general area that they lived in but not exactly where they were and figured we had plenty of nice places around to use for photos. I saw this field one evening, stopped by the owner's house several days later for permission, and then emailed Kristen to let her know the exact location of the session. When she replied saying that is exactly where their house is, we figured it was meant to be :)

Kristen and Shane, thank you so much for asking me to document these special moments for you! Praying for you in the coming weeks and so excited to meet little Cooper!



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